Thursday, August 15, 2013

Goodbye to The Goot Life

I have had trouble keeping up with blogging the past year and half due to the craziness in our lives.  I think now that Vannah is getting older and is more involved now with school and sports, that takes up a lot of our time.  Along with miss Heidi who is "that child", the one that runs off, screams, throws temper tantrums, is a total diva.  Basically, have you ever been out in public and there is a kid that just grabs your attention, but because of a negative thing, and so you say to our husband, "oh my gosh, look at that child."  Well folks, I have "that child".  My apologies in advance.

Emmett.  Oh my poor Emmett.  Have you ever just had a feeling something wasn't right?  Well, I was right about something not being right.  Our doctor ordered blood work and everything looked "ok", but I went and got a copy of his results, got on my Down Syndrome board, and called the Lab and asked if the blood was still good to run one more test.  So, Emmetts frickin idiot pediatrician, did what I told her to do and she called in this extra test.  We got the results this afternoon and its not good.  We have to go down to Phoenix Children's Hospital to see some special doctor, with an appointment waitlist of 1-2 months.  But because of the severity of Emmetts blood results, the nurse told me that we might get us in the next couple weeks. 
Hopefully that is the case.  Our insurance is going to pay for a taxi to drive us the 5/6 hours to Phoenix and then back to Bullhead, instead of paying for an out-of-state doctor in Las Vegas, which is only an hour and half away.  (stupid idiot insurance company, right!?)  whatever. (we don't have a car)

Like how we all become busy in life, I have become to busy to blog.  I still journal online and have an anonymous blog where I do record my feelings, I just care to not share them to the public anymore.  If you are my friend on FB, you will notice that I go on to see everyone else, but I rarely post and when I is something funny or newsworthy like a amber alert.  I share my life in one place through social media and that place you will only know if you already follow me.

The last year and half has been pretty hard and my family has received the least amount of support emotionally.  We actually have received pretty harsh judgment, comparisons and pity.  Which makes me want to say back, shame on you!  So self-righteous and holier than thou people!
FYI, There is a major difference between pity and sympathy.
I don't want the pity. I think it is a big reason why I am not going to return to this blog.  So farewell.  It was fun...until is wasn't....

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